Ballast Plow S1

Schotterpflug Richter & Müller

Schotterpflug Richter & Müller

Versatility in use

Due to its compact dimensions and adjustable guide rolls, the Ballast Plow S1 can be used under any track conditions. From UiC60 with concrete sleepers to F6 narrow-gauge wood sleeper track, the S1 proves its merits in any track environment. A simple adjustment of the side panels permits you to shift ballast from left to right and vice versa, eliminating timeconsuming transfer operations using grab or shovel equipment.

Ballast Plow S1 – User Benefits

  • Quick to install
  • Mounts easily on all standard excavators
  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Ideal for small to medium sized construction sites
  • Significant time savings

Side panel configuration options

  • Arrange the panels as shown on the right if you merely want to distribute existing ballast or clean the sleepers.
  • Just swing the panels around to move outside ballast to the center track area. To shift ballast outward, simply reverse the side panel arrangement.
  • To shift ballast from the left side of the track toward the right, use the procedure illustrated on the right. Use the opposite side panel setting to move ballast from the right to the left of the track.
  • A correct setting of the guide rolls and side panels will achieve a highly uniform ballast distribution.

Download: Schotterpflug-S1-engl

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